SPOTLIGHT - Highlights a topic that would bring shiver down your spine  REVIEW By: PK Verdict

SPOTLIGHT is a biographical drama film set in the first year of 21st century 2001 inspired by true incidents. Tom McCarthy has dealt with the subject that is sensitive and has unlocked facts difficult to digest looking at their quantum. Child Abuse is the topic the Spotlight Team investigates and unveils the people behind it that raises goose bumps and brings a shiver down your spine.

The Boston Globe’s ACE Team Spotlight is investigating the story that is heinous. The Spotlight team is headed by Michael Keaton it also includes the brilliant Mark Ruffalo the heart of the Spotlight Team working as key team member jabbing into the details and unfolding the drama that grows on you leaving you perturbed. The film also stars Rachel McAdams, John Slattery, Stanley Tucci, Brian d’Arcy James, Liev Schreiber and Billy Crudup in key roles making the Spotlight an engaging watch; its tight screenplay though low key yet superlative is what makes Spotlight an eye-opening watch.

Spotlight exposes the heinous crimes executed by the envoys of God – The Priests at Catholic Churches abusing children sexually to fulfill their urge. The number gets exponential through their research raising your eyebrows making you feel awful. This is where Spotlight hits you hard yet the screenplay is a low key.

A small column about a lawyer who states the law is aware of children being abused by the Priest. Spotlight team picks it up from here; with through research and their investigation, they come across victims whom they interview to get the insights for their story. Their research grows exponentially when they come across someone who is heading victim rights organization. From 13 priests the number goes to 90 Spotlight through their research is able to nail down 87 names of these priests involved in the heinous act. Spotlight team had their own share of difficulties getting their research out to the people; they overcome it all.

Spotlight breaks the silence and when their research finally appears they are inundated with calls from the victims across. This doesn’t give you a happy ending, in fact the end credits brings in the shocking numbers of catholic churches where these incidences occurred. They leave you numb.

Though Spotlight is highly recommended yet watch it only if you have an appetite for hard hitting cinema. PK Verdict: Gold****

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