What made Neha Dhupia cry

Neha Dhupia mtSurvival in a male dominated world is a tough task! Neha Dhupia is the only female gang leader on MTV Roadies Rising and has been holding her head real high. Her courage and strength are an inspiration for others but strong women too break down. In the upcoming vote out session Neha Dhupia will be seen inconsolably breaking down.

Neha has a keen eye for detail and she had meticulously chosen her gang members as the fifteenth season of Roadies kick started. While a few of her gang members were hand- picked by her, there were a few members who were chosen by googly master, Harbhajan. One such member in Neha’s gang is Mandeep. As much as Neha didn’t want Mandeet to be a part of her gang, the heard- working guy ended up winning the femme fatale’s heart.

Making a plea to Prince and his gang members to save Mandeep, Neha said, “I am not just losing hope because I am just not ready to lose Mandeep. I will fight as much as I can to make sure he is here. As a gang we really need Mandeep else we will fall apart. I am just at a loss of words. You can see the desperation in my eyes. I am not ready to lose him.”

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