Ghayal Once Again – Just Thrills No logical Frills


Ghayal Once Again Review : By PK Verdict

Ghayal back in 1990 was a classic. Sunny Doel reincarnates Ghayal with high on thrills but lacks on logical frills; It has a good adrenaline rush that keeps you at the edge of your seats for a good run time, however, it doesn’t spark any intelligent cells of the brain for these thrills to bring a wow factor. The system is too deprived for its intellect making Ghayal Once Again - Ghayal by its own makers. They doesn’t seem to be out of Nineties genre yet.

The movie opens up showcasing the directorial assets of multiple aerial shots of Bandra Worli Sea Link; Antilla. It has loose connects and bad editing; in the disguise of build-up. The build-up takes time, but once it does; it stays on keeping you at the edge up to interval.

On a serious note, they have created a caricature of Ambani’s family and property. Narendra Jha plays Raj Bansal and plays really well if you don’t compare it with the legendary Amrish Puri; that is what made the earlier version classic. Narendra Jha as a baddie doesn’t really adds up much weight. But his realization on the upbringing gone wrong with his son when he confesses to his wife Tisca Chopra adds up the potential to the plot which fails to develop ahead; leaving you disappointed.

Ajay Mehra completes his jail term of 14 years and in the 15th year he makes Ghayal Once Again. Leading Satyakam a news agency, a drive to clean the corruption; having its own den or whatsoever is never so clear; this is when you feel your intelligence is taken for granted; Police system is taken for granted for shoot & sight orders and many such flaws with no potential reasons whatsoever. It’s a shootout within the mall premises and neither police or private security is at Standby. Forget Police even the Hero arrives late here and in a glimpse of poor editing – everyone is in the car turning the Chase on.

The good action chase scene has Sunny doing the Hollywood inspired Ghost Scene of jumping into moving train; Troy the security head chasing him is been assumed that he too jumped, in one such another scene, Sunny picks up a car to run and Troy simply is shown in the car chasing Sunny – bad depiction of editing. In order to achieve the hidden footage of little Bansal shooting Om Puri, strong evidence to put them behind the bars. This footage is the only goal around which the entire plot revolves than fight against the anything.

The four teens accidentally come across this footage and they choose to unveil the truth; from here on you are at the edge of your seat until interval strikes. Sunny Doel single handedly fights against all odds to keep these four safe. Soha Ali Khan stands by as a moral support without much noticeability. Second half the movie misses on its plot badly and it’s a compulsion roller coaster ride of emotions without adding much to the plot. The system be it Police or Media is deprived of any intellect to evaluate the good and the bad. Ghayal Once again is indeed Ghayal of its plot and worth a miss. PK Verdict: Just Silver 3***


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