“It’s a generation of quick love” says Indervesh Yogee director of film Love Ke Funday

Love Ke Funday director Indervesh Yogee talks about making a realistic new-age film, which he promises will appeal to the youth of the country.

Tell us more about your directorial debut, LOVE KE FUNDAY.

The film is about today’s modern generation and their idea of love. Now trends have changed. Today’s generation is about Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. It’s a generation of quick love. So the attraction is strong but it is short-lived and it fizzles out after a while. Our film is based in Mumbai and it talks about how people fall in love in this fast paced era.

How different is this love story from the rest?

The story and the characters in this film are very real. Instead of fancy love scenes, they meet on the road or the cafeteria or a club. We have added an aspect of human psychology to our love story where,for example, you walk in the sun and you see your shadow ahead of you. You cannot catch it so you walk behind it. If you change your direction and walk in the opposite direction then your shadow will follow you. When someone does not give you attention, then that person’s importance increases. As soon as you change your focus, that person feels your importance and walks behind you. Keeping this in mind we have shaped the story.

Who are the lead characters in the film?

We have Aryan played by Shaleen Bhanot. His co-character describes him saying he’s done a PHD in talking nonsense but Aryan is more practical than the others. He believes that its not love when two people fall for each other in a day; its mere attraction. He is the flirty kind of guy and calls every girl by a car’s name according to her features. If some girl is tall he will call her Limousine. If a girl is dusky and a little healthy he will call her Duster.

Sandy, the second character, is also a flirty guy. We have described him in the movie by saying, there are girls who date him, rate him and wait for him…the ones who have done all this hate him! These characters represent the youth of today.

LOVE KE FUNDAY is being compared to films like PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA and MASTIZAADE…

LOVE KE FUNDAY is very different from the said films. We haven’t crossed the vulgarity line; it’s much less than the films in question. Our film can be called bold; we have bold jokes and punches. But even the bold scenes are shot in a funny way and not in a sexy or vulgar way.

Producer Faaiz Anwar is a legend when it comes to lyrics. What sort of songs will we see in this film?

Music is the insurance of a film. So when we started working on it, we first got our film insured with the songs! We have some really good songs. Mika Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Javed Ali and Jojo have sung the songs in this film. Mika’s song is simply great and I think it will be a chartbuster. He himself is very excited about the song! Sukhwinder Singh’s song is very good, and he has taken it upon himself to promote the film and the song. I am hoping that it will be the next ‘Chaiya chaiya..’ The third song is sung by Javed Ali. He is a fantastic singer and our choreographer has given some great dance moves. We shot it in Kashmir in the midst of snow. The title song of the film is written by Faaiz Anwar and we all know he has written excellent songs. It has been sung by Jojo. People will love the songs and listen to them for the next 10-15 years.

How did you think of a title like LOVE KE FUNDAY?

I feel the title has to be attractive and it should sound interesting. Secondly, the film is about the fundamentals of love so there couldn’t be a better title than this. This generation uses these fundamentals in the film.

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