Hard Kaur interview

Hard KaurWould you like to tell us something more about the album? Any interesting facts?

I’m super excited to release my next track as its coming by high demand from fans and friends. I had an amazing experience working on my last independent project “Sherni” which was more of a hardcore hip hop track. So I guess its time to drop a party song and since they call me the queen of party tracks I wanted to create something different to what I’ve done before. We bought in dancehall / Bashment / Reggeflava this time.

Why did you choose this iconic song Jhumka Gira re?

I’m working with a new producer Mixsingh on this and when I had asked him to send me his beats, I heard this idea and straight away decided to write and sing on this one particular beat. It wasn’t the original Jhumkagira or a remix, but the opening line reminded me of the original and we continued from there. But lets just get this straight this is not a remix or a remake.

Tell us about your collaboration with Saregama?

Actually my first album ” Supawoman” was released on Saregama and I’ve had a wonderful relationship with these guys from the very start, when I worked with Mr. Atul Churamani and now with Praveen ji. I see a big future for them in independent music.

Tell us about your experience while shooting for the new single?

I’ve been working with TeamDG in Chandigarh for a while now. We enjoy working with each other as they understand what I’m looking for. I create and do the styling for my videos myself. I’m fussy about keeping it different and I guess they enjoy that we get be more experimental . In this video I wanted to go very colourful and fun but yet simple at the same time and as always Vikcee&Kamcee delivered beautifully. The look is fun, urban and glam at the same time.

Any plans of acting in Bollywood ?

I love music and my plans are to become a superhit music director rather than acting. I’m not an actor and if I was to even think about that I would have to go and learn the craft of acting first. I had fun doing Patiala House and it a wonderful experience and if there’s a character that I feel I can do justice to then may be I would ??

Who is your favourite amongst the current generation of singers?

The one voice and artist that I’m really loving from the current scene is Jubin Nautiyal. Its not just the fact that he has a beautiful tone and texture to his voice but its also the delivery and the execution that he brings to the song. A real new flava to the the Indian scene.

Do you have any plans of collaborating with them?

I already am.. Watch out for that as he’s going to be also featuring in my new upcoming mixtape “The Rising” Vol 1.

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