Govinda interview, The audience will be able to the old govinda

Interview By Arti Saxena Journalist Mumbai : Govinda had created a lot of buzz in the 90’s. His comic roles in films were liked and appreciated by all. Thereafter, he took a break from acting and joined politics. After a long gap he was seen in films like ‘Partner’ and ‘Bhagam bhaag’, but in these films he was seen playing a character role. He also played a negative role in ‘Kill dill’. Now Govinda is coming back to films through his own production house. Soon his new film, ‘Aa Gaya hero’ is going to get released in which he is playing the lead role.

After 15 years you are going to play a lead role in the film, ‘Aa Gaya hero’. What is the special thing in your film this time ?

The special thing is that, that the audience will be able to see the old Govinda. This film is entirely a Govinda style film in which there is action, emotion,dance and a lot of comedy. I hope the audience likes this film. I have also done action scenes in this film which was quite tough. But when a producer invests his money in a film, everything you do becomes easy.

Do you think this film will be successful ?

First of all let me tell you that I coming into films after a long gap and hence I am nervous about it. I am afraid if the audience will still like me or not. Actually when I was hit in the films, I left it and joined politics. But after some time I realised that I was not fit to go ahead with politics, so I left that too. Our full team is very nice and helpful. This film is directed by Dipankar Senapati and Sameer has done the music. In this film there are many other actors like Ashutosh Rana, Murli Sharma, Makrand Deshpande, Richa Chadda, Chandrachund Singh, and Juhi Khan. Everybody has done a fabulous job. I hope this film is liked and praised by all.

What is your role in this film?

I am playing a role of a police officer in this film. I am seen as a filmy police officer who presents his opinions in a very different style. I am playing the role of a police officer who is loved by all.

In this film you have followed the style of the 90’s, what is the reason behind doing so?

Honesty speaking, I am very much impressed with south films. My films of that time like ‘ Shola aur Shabnam’, ‘Aankhen’, ‘Raja babu’, all these were south style films only. My name ‘Govinda ‘ is also given by the south. I remember that in the 90’s, me and Salman were talking that we should bring the south industry to Mumbai. I took a lot of time in doing so. But Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar had already made many remakes of south films through their production house. I have started my production house a little late, so I will be making many south style films. There is s a lot of masala in this film and I am sure that the audience will enjoy watching it.

Why is the title of this film named as ‘Aa Gaya hero’?

The word ‘Hero’ has always been very lucky for me. Hence, I have named the film as ‘Aa Gaya hero’.

What do you plan to do in the coming future?

We have actually planned to make two films. One is ‘ Aa Gaya hero’ and the other one is ‘Mindblowing’. If this films becomes a hit then I will make more films in the future.

How difficult or easy was it to produce as well as to act in a film?

Even though if I am the producer of the film, in front of the camera I count myself as an actor and forget that I am a producer too. At that time I only recognise myself as an actor. I try to improve and play my role perfectly in the film.

Govinda is counted as number one hero, but according to him a person who has something special within himself, a person who is able to take the right decision at the right time, who has a strong will power and lastly, who is very passionate and works hard, can be considered as a number one hero.

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