Dilip Sen launches debutante singer Sanjay Soni ‘Struggler”s 6 music solos

It’s a first in the history of India music where a debutante has digitally released 6 music solos on one day. Music composer Dilip Sen was present to launch the music tracks. Jaipur based Sanjay Soni ‘Struggler’ showcased his latest piece of work for the music lovers. All 6 songs have been picturized and visualised in a unique way. The models on whom the songs are picturized were also present to support Sanjay Soni ‘Struggler’. Kanishka Soni, Nikita Tiwari, Kia Saini and Deepshikha were seen praising the songs.

‘Main Mujhme Nahi’ is a romantic sad song and the lyrics are by Vipin Das & Dhanraj Dadhich. ‘Tu Rahabara’ and ‘Tu Jo Mere Pass Hai’ are two romantic tracks written by Dhanraj Dadhich and Anshu respectively. ‘Tum Haan Ya Na Kaho’ is a sad romantic number and is written by Anshu. ‘O Piya’ is a hardcore romantic track and written by Dhanraj Dadhich. The last song ‘Mann Bhatake’ has a Rajasthan feel to it and the lyrics are by Dhanraj Dadhich. The songs are released under the banner Of KCK Music & Movies.

Sanjay Soni ‘Struggler’ was elated after seeing the response from the guests. Infact, he also sang the popular ‘Mann Bhatake’ for the gathered media. He said, “I want to take Rajasthani music to every Indian with these music tracks. I hope I am successful in doing that.”

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