Fredrick is a psychological thriller directed by Rajesh Butalia,based on a story written by Rajesh Butalia. Adil Khan plays a role of psychotic criminal mastermind.

Director Rajesh Butalia and Manish Kalaria’s film, Frederick has given a promenade for a vibrant teenager actor to enter the limelight of Bollywood with a dream of becoming a successful actor. Starting his acting journey with his first starrer German film, he played many roles in TV Series. After his Astounding performances in the roles played, Rajesh Butalia, Director of Frederick, gave Adil a pivotal role in his film. So how was his experience working in Frederick? Was it Exciting? Was he Nervous ?

To know more about it, we had an interview with Adil khan and without further ado lets jump into the gripping conversation with him.

Adil, your movie Frederick is releasing on 29 May. So how are you feeling about this? Are you excited or nervous?

Firstly, thank you for having me here. I’m very happy and excited about my role in the movie. This role, being a vital one, is a prime factor for the blissfulness since I will get to showcase my dexterity from starting to the end of the movie. This is like a dream come true. But yes, I can’t deny that I’m a bit agitated.

What is your role in Frederick and how this role was proffered to you?

As they say, there is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be, I went to Sir Rajesh Butalia for audition of some another film but he chose me for the role of ‘Manav’ in Frederick. Manav’s role is a very distinct one. An 18 years old teenager boy who is ingenious, which makes him different from other boys of his age thereby making him seem psychic. The situation turns more severe and all my mates stops talking to Manav. But there’s a social issue behind his behavior, which has never been showcased in any films till date. The reason why this role was offered to me is because I already once played the childhood role of the lead actor, Prashant Narayan in Bhindi Bazar. After one Audition, by God’s grace I was finalized for this role.

To play a role of a psychotic personality in this movie , did you do are preparations ? What were your Mantra for this role?

To be honest, I certainly didn’t prepare anything specific for this role. I love the energy of the spontaneous acting which comes at the instant. I’m moreover like a Directors Actor. The constructive and positive attitude of Rajesh Sir didn’t even let me comprehend when the toughest scenes passed by. I’m glad that he was satisfied by my performance.

Was there any scene in particular where you were baffled to keep up the role? Did you face any difficulty?

I feel difficulty would be a negative word for this. However, I got highly motivated with one scene. In that scene, my father has to slap me and I have to roll down the stairs trembling. At the time of rehearsal, there were mattress on the ground where I have to fall, but at the time of the shot, those mattresses were removed. When the camera was rolling, my father slapped me and I was falling on the stairs saving myself from not hurting badly. The shot went really well and the crew applauded. That was a note making moment for me.

Have you worked for any film before Frederick?

Yes, I did work for a German Film ‘Beste Chance’ which was made for participating in the Film Festival. The film got good attention and appreciation from the masses. Apart from this, I work in ‘Bhindi Bazar’ as well. In this movie I worked for the child role of the hero Prashant Narayan Sir. I have worked in the movie Paathshaala as well.

Your dream was to become an Actor since childhood. So how well your family supported you?

My Father and my Mother are the backbone for my life and my carrier. Whatever I am, wherever I’m standing, it’s all because of them. I can say that acting resides in my blood since my mother, Farah Firoz khan, is a theatre artist and a great dancer. Also, my father Firoz Ahmed Khan has his contribution to writing and direction in the film industry. He directed a Horror Serial call ‘Khauf’ which gained a lot of attention. He, now runs an acting class in which he teaches Writing, Acting and Direction. He has guided me all the way throughout my journey to be myself and what I am. He is the Sculptor to my personality.

In this Era of theatre and acting, it is very essential for the Actor to be well educated. With your carrier and such a schedule, how well you prioritize your studies and academics?

You are absolutely correct on this point. My Parents also thinks the same about my carrier and academics. Presently I’m pursuing my graduation. Once I have completed my completed my graduation, I want to study about the IT sector, because since childhood I’m the monarch of Computer. I have a world record of operating computer at the Age of two.

Who is your Favorite Actor whom you follow or consider your inspirational icon?

I’m a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui because they are brilliant actors. My ambition is to become Actors like them.

INTERVIEW BY : Aarti Saxena, Journalist, Mumbai.

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