Ranjha Vikram Singh interview about his nomination for SIIMA awards

rjnyou’re nominated for SIIMA for negative role in your debut film Rana Vikrama. How excitedare you?
This is my debut Kannada movie. I have done before 2 Telugu films. So this movie Rana Vikrama for which I am nominated, obviously I am very happy. I thank the whole team, my director who trusted and gave me this role to play. It’s a Britisher’s role, a double role that I played in the movie. 1so I am looking forward to the awards coming up and I thank SIIMA for nominating me.

Has this inspired you to continue working in south Indian movies?
Yes definitely. I am looking forward to work in more Kannada and Telugu films and also I am looking forward to debut in Tamil films because I have done Hindi films, Punjabi films. So definitely if some good role comes my way, some good main negative role, I would love to do it.

Tell us something about your upcoming movie 25 Kille?
So in 25 Kille, the word ‘Kille’ means acres of land hence its basically 25 acres of land. I am doing the lead role in the film and my character’s name is Ransher Singh. He is a Kabbadi player but Kabbadi is just a backdrop of this character. It’s a story of 4 Jatt brothers who have no land. In Punjab it is not considered a good Jatt family if that family has no land. Also consequence of having no land is no girlfriends for all these brothers. But suddenly they come to know that they have 25 acres of land in their name which was given to them by their father. So how the story unfolds, how they come to know how they get the land back is the whole movie.

rjn2How would you like to describe your relationship with Sonia Mann after the rumours of your onset chemistry with her?
Yea it was just rumours. We spend a lot of time together but she is just a good friend and a costar. She is a Punjabi girl and I connect very well with Punjabis. We are doing another film together and our shooting starts next month. We go to gym together at times but since the rumours came out I stopped hanging with her(giggles). Its just friendly attachment that we have. We are costars and spend a lot of time together so we are good friends. As far as my view about her, she is a fine actress and a good friend and I am looking forward to working with her in the next film.

How did the tag Desi Stallone get attached to you?
This was from Heropanti. My director of Heropanti was the same director who got Slyvester Stallone on Kambakkht Ishq. So I auditioned for HEropanti and he found a lot of resemblance in me and Mr. Stallone. He thought my eyes, my way of talking, my body building and many other things are like Slyvester Stallone and coincidently he is my idol. I joined boxing after seeing Rocky, then I also got trained for boxing in New Zealand. This is how I got the tag because I am a Punjabi guy and I like to talk a lot so on sets of Heropanti I used to chat with Kriti or Tiger, director would say, “Stay alone”. He also used to call me ‘Stallone’ on sets.

Do you have anymore upcoming projects?
After 25 Kille, I am doing a Punjabi film “Yaari te Sardaari” with one of top Punjabi director and another film in south. Lets say I am packed with 2 Punjabi and South. So far its creamy and good.

You’re a trained boxer. Do you get time to practice?
I practice in my gym. Honestly I don’t get time. I have a boxing room in my house. But I just try with some basic moves and punches. I don’t really go for boxing because I am still not a professional. I am an amateur. But its definitely one of the most active and most energetic sport and I sure recommend it.

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