Comedy isn’t a walk in the park- Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, The man who is known for his Comedy and Action is all set for the release of Houseful 3. The previous sequels of this movie proved to be the money baggers of the box office, hitting the 100 crore list. He is known for his versatility in his performance which he is showcasing in his films since 25 years. Although his movie made him bag 1000 crores in a year, he has never been given that level of appreciation which he should certainly deserve. Does this thing affect him? On what cloud he is on for Houseful 3?

What is different about this Sequel? To know more about this, lets jump into the conversation with the Ace Akshay Kumar.

Sajid Nadiadwala’s epic comedy sequel, houseful 3 is releasing this fall. So what’s the variant about the this one?

The unalike factor in this movie is that you will find Abhishek Bachchan laughing. Secondly, the most distinct part about this sequel is that the story is nowhere similar to the previous two. This is a totally different concept and it’s packed with puns.

Being a Versatile actor, you have played distinct characters. What do you find difficult in Comedy?

Firstly, to make someone laugh is the most tedious task. To keep a particular scene funny and entertaining, which need to take long takes, which requires lengthy dialogues and control over ourselves, which results in many retakes. This is the most tenacious part of any comedy movie.

Do you think you are the backbone of the Houseful Movie?

Madam, you are simply putting everything on me. If I was the whole and sole of the movie, then were the other actors came to walk around? If the credit for the success of the film goes to the whole crew, then the responsibility of the whole movie should also be bifurcated. Why only me?

There is this rumor in the air that Siddharth Jadhav from Colors comedy show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ passed a comment on Lisa Ray and you got offended on that and ran behind him and gave him a punch. How much of this is true?

I was well aware that you will definitely ask this question. To be frank it was a pre decided act which was planned to give it a funny touch. We have done such acts in many shows to entertain our audience. That’s the show business!

After a successful 25 years into the film industry performing dramatic roles like Holiday, Baby and Airlift, how do you still manage to keep such a jolly personality, entertaining the audience and making them laugh?

This is a good act. Amusing people by making them laugh is the greatest deed. What’s so good in leading a serious and a frustrating life? At times, life demands you to be serious, but it doesn’t mean that it changes your personality and perception about life. Stay calm, stay happy.

How was he experience working with Abhishek Bachchan?

He is a settled personality. He is so settled that whenever he cracks a joke, it takes us time to figure out whether was it really a joke. His sarcasm is on point. His timing is great. It was indeed a pleasure working with him.

h3 akaThere’s a song in this film called ‘Taang Uthake’ which is a hit. In the old era of Bollywood, there were songs like ‘ Paav choo Lene do, Phoolo ko Inaayat hogi’ and now the situation of songs is totally changed. What improvement you see in today’s music industry?

We present things which the audience likes. Nowadays the taste has changed. This generation likes such songs. The song ‘Taang Uthaake’ simply means the way to do Bhangra. It means to lift up your feet and do Balle Balle! The genre of both the songs are totally different. They just are not supposed to be compared.

It’s been into notice that many Bollywood actresses are getting opportunities to work in Hollywood Industries, but the Bollywood actors don’t get much into Hollywood. Any specific reason which comes into your mind?

When I’m receiving such great respect in Bollywood then why should I go there and make a mockery of myself? There’s not much scope for Bollywood Heroes in Hollywood. I have no interest in working for a Hollywood film. There’s no limitation of opportunities in Bollywood. Why shouldn’t we earn in our mother Nation and serve her? Wherever I’m standing, its all because of our Country and our citizen.

INTERVIEW BY : Aarti Saxena, Journalist, Mumbai.

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