Road to Finale heats up the Bigg Boss game!

Do Aur Do Paanch wakes up the housemates on Day 86 of Bigg Boss. Rochelle apologizes to Priya for hiding her stole and she accepts it but when Mandana apologises to Priya, she refuses to accept the apology. Rishabh tells Mandana not to expect an apology as she has made friends in the house only for her own benefit. Surprisingly, Prince takes Mandana’s side and tells Priya to accept her apology, giving her the reason that he is certain that Priya has also been mean in the past.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces the first task of the ‘Road to Finale’ week. While Keith is the sanchalak, the other housemates are provided with funnels full of 400 kgs of sand which they have to prevent from falling off the funnel and save till the end of the task. The housemates are allowed to attack others and dislocate their funnels with the help of a lever placed at the bottom of the funnel. The three housemates who will have most number of sand left in their containers by the end of the task will move to the next level of the game.

Making Mandana the first target, the housemates immediately attack her funnel, trying to lessen the quantity of sand. Agitated by them, Mandana breaks Rochelle’s lever and puts the blame on Rishabh. Kishwer tells Mandana that other housemates do not consider her as a competition but believe that she does not deserve to win the show. Rishabh adds on to Kishwer’s point and says that it was a stupid decision that he took to support Mandana all this while. Within seconds, Priya becomes the next target and the housemates pounce on her. She tells Prince and the rest of the housemates to gather courage to play an individual game instead of playing in a group. Priya further gets Instigated and Priya twists Mandana’s hand while Mandana complains about Priya getting physical in the task. Soon enough, Priya does the same trick with Rochelle and even Rochelle cries out for help.

When the task for the day ends, both Priya and Rochelle display talk about their injuries to Bigg Boss. Kishwer tells Mandana that the game is not over yet and she will not leave any opportunity to harm her further. Meanwhile, Keith consoles Rochelle when she feels upset about Priya having attacked her in spite of Rochelle staying off of Priya’s funnel. Rochelle tells him that everyone is playing double games and she is going to try and defend herself and in case anybody attacks her, she will only attack her right back.

In the evening, Kishwer confesses to Rishabh that Rochelle’s friendship for her is over after last week and she might just attack her in the task the next day. Later, Priya asks Rishabh if he ever thought she was being violent in any way. She tells him that she would only attack nominated contestants the next day so that she gets saved from being ousted. When they join the rest, the other housemates taunt Priya for groupism with Rishabh. Priya and Prince get into an argument when he sees that the next day will have Priya see the real Prince. The day draws to an end with Rochelle trying to strategize with Rishabh.

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